Is Bullet POS right for you?

Find out by asking yourself these questions...

  • Do you have a smaller, but fast-paced foodservice operation?
  • Looking for a cost-effective, feature-rich point of sale system?
  • Interested in proven technology backed by 28 years of industry experience and innovation?
  • Tired of leaving voicemails or a pager message with no idea when you'll hear back for technical support?
  • Want access to a corporately based 24/7 help desk with industry-leading response times?

If you answered yes, then talk to us today about Bullet POS!

Easy Does It

Bullet POS has been designed for simplicity. It's simple to install, simple to learn, and simple to use! Bullet POS has all the crucial features needed to improve efficiency in high volume operations (like a fast casual environment). It also seamlessly integrates with Squirrel IQ for above store reporting, Squirrel Mobility for the Apple iPad and Android tables, and solutions for kitchen video display, inventory management, and more.

Faster than a Speeding...

Bullet POS is fast. As soon as you purchase Bullet POS, a highly skilled team immediately begins the process of planning your system implementation, building your menu databases, and getting you up and running as soon as possible. From there, you'll find the user-friendly Bullet POS Front of House and Back Office software a snap to use — perfectly complementing your fast-paced business.

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